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Van Modifications


Let JDS Commercials modify your used van

One of the most frustrating things about trying to find a used van for your business is finding a vehicle that’s almost perfect – but not quite…

When you’ve been searching fruitlessly for a vehicle that suits your needs, only to find that one that would be ideal but for one or two minor factors, it can be both annoying, and a waste of your valuable time. The good news, however, is that JDS Commercials are willing and able to perform modifications on any of our vans; we can tailor them so that they’re perfectly suited to your requirements!

Modify your van to suit your needs

Once you have chosen a used van from our extensive range, you may decide that the interior should be remodelled, or otherwise changed to make it perfectly suited to the purpose you need it for. For example, you might wish to change a panel van into a crew van, which would require the installation of seating in order to get your people where they need to go. Our team of experienced mechanics at JDS Commercials can carry out these modifications in-house before your vehicle is delivered to you. No modification is too big or too small!

Select from our wide range of used vans

JDS Commercials offers a wide range of used vans, in diesel and petrol options, in all of the top makes and models. We believe that the nature of the business, trade or service for which you need the van shouldn’t be an issue; we aim to have one in stock that is right for you, and our fully trained mechanics will be able to carry out any modifications you request. Call us now on 01489 890 913.

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