According to the definitions set by the European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association, Renault has again come out on top of the European LCV sector for the 18th year in a row, thanks to strong performances by the Master, the Kangoo and the award winning Trafic van.

The European market has grown by as much as 11.4 percent, and Renault’s own LCV sales have increased to 16.9 percent, essentially the equivalent of 29,000 extra vehicles sold. Market share meanwhile also saw an increase of 0.7 percentage points to get to 15 percent. The vice president of Global LCV Sales & Marketing, Pascal Schmitt, says that Renault is proud to remain Europe’s top selling van manufacturer for the 18th consecutive year, as a result of their determination to ensure their customers receive a fully comprehensive and tailor-made range of LCVs, a determination consolidated with the launch of the Trafic.

Groupe Renault also delivered a strong performance last year in the worldwide LCV market, increasing their sales by as much as 12.4 percent, and moving from one of the biggest companies in the region to one of the top players in the world, with a market share now totalling 3.8 percent.

In fact, in the first half of this year, Renault has also managed to overtake Ford to become the second best-selling car brand in the whole of Europe. The European Automobile Manufacturers Association has released figures that show that the 14.2 percent of growth experienced by Renault in Europe in the first half of this year helped the company to overtake Ford in the listings.

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