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FAQs about JDS Commercials

At JDS Commercials, we’re always happy to answer queries from customers, whether by email, phone or in person at our premises in Hampshire. Over the many years we’ve been in business, we’ve heard, and tried to answer, every conceivable question about used commercial vehicles – and quite a few other topics as well! Some of the more commonly asked questions are answered below, so please take a look, as our FAQ’s may save you some time…

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While you don’t need to visit us to buy from JDS, you’ll always be welcome! JDS Commercials can be found at Units 17 & 18 Swanmore Business Park, Swanmore, Southampton, Hampshire.

If money is no object, then it might make sense to purchase a completely new vehicle. However, for most people, value is very important and a quality used van can not only save a lot of cash, but also be a better choice in the long run. New vans depreciate in value by thousands of pounds the moment they hit the road, but for a used van, depreciation is a lot less over time. A good used van that’s three or four years old won’t lose anything like that kind of value, yet should still serve its purpose efficiently for many years to come.

Many people depend on a used commercial vehicle every day in order to run their business efficiently, and it’s extremely important to ensure that you purchase the right one. At JDS we can help you choose from a huge selection of high quality vans and trucks; if you’re in any doubt about what exactly it is you need, you can always speak to a member of our expert team for solid, well-informed advice.

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